Great Video from President Obama

This is the full extended video from the Obama Campaign that was  shown last night during the DNC.

Where The Bears Are – Episode 11

New FREE Online Bear Community

It is FREE to Join!  

Honey Boo Boo Gets It

This little girl has more confidence in her pinky than I have had most of my life. She may seem funny, but I honestly believe she is opening our eyes to a larger… Continue reading

Just because…

There are times in your day when you just say…”Damn, that is hot!” Do you agree? Source: placerneurodegenerativo

Please Make This Movie!


Man Claims 4 Marines Brutally Beat Him For Being Gay

Please Forgive Me…

Please forgive me… I have waited my entire life. All 38 years. I have waited my entire adult life. Roughly 20 years. I have voted in every election that I was eligible to… Continue reading

Is the Bear Community Just About How We Look?

Another story related to an earlier post on the Brotherhood of Bears from Gawker.

Couldn’t Pass This Up